Some of my prints!

I wanted to show you some of my prints!
These are the practical prints that i did and I use them in the machine that I have designed and build!

This is the feeding mechanism and the printed parts are going to separate the parts from one-another.
I have done some gears wheels that work very good. The originals were also plastic.

This is another tooth wheel I printed.

The best print that i did was Goliath from a Computer game that a friend asked me to print, sadly the face failed to print.

This is something i got from internet.

Everything is printed at 0.05 mm resolution. I hope you like them.

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Congrats, !

Thank you, That means a lot. I hope my experience is in some kind of use!

Amazing stuff! Say, how did you get the form +1 to respect real world scales? In my experience, it holds them in complete disregard!

I’m still working on that, but basically I scale everything 0.98 and then rework by hand if I can or change dimension in CAD model then reprint it with the same orientation. The tooth wheels took me 3 prints to get the tooth distentions right. It is a problem for me too!!!