ED-209 (RoboCop) 1:12th scale model

Hello! I just wanted to share a project I recently finished.

ED-209 has always been my all time favorite robot design and I’ve been sculpting the character in ZBrush off and on for the past year. A few hundred hours of print time and post processing clean up later…

Thanks for looking!


Hand over your .stl files - you have 20 seconds to comply…

Seriously - awesome model.

You have 10 seconds to comply…


Very well done.

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Great level of detail in that print. Seems like a real labor of love and it shows.

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how long did this take to print and im assuming you did it in a number of pieces?

Yeah, it was somewhere around 132 separate pieces. All together the print time was about 180 hours.

I’m a bit confused as to the scale. Unless the photography is using some forced perspective, given the table in the background and the light, this thing is not 1/12 scale.

The original ED-209, stood about 7 feet tall. At 1/12 scale, your model should be about 7" tall.

How tall is your model? Can you put something next to it for reference (a tape measure or sommon hosehold item)?

In rest mode with the thighs at the base of the leg rails, it stands at 7" tall, so 1/12 scale. The furniture and background diorama is in scale with ED, no forced perspective.


Now were talking… Very very cool. :smiley:

Love the pooch to.

5 seconds to comply…

The work has been done colossal! It looks very cool! :+1::+1::+1: