New Preform will not work for me

So I just updated the Preform software, and now I only get error beeps anytime I try to click in the Preform window. I think there is a quality assurance window behind it, but I can not bring it forward. I tried closing it, but I still only get the error beep when I click anywhere in the Preform window. All other software works fine, and I have never had an issue before tonight’s update.

Using XP.

Please help, I have a customer build doe tomorrow.

Since Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP, this issue may be difficult to resolve, but we should be able to work this out somehow. Can you contact our Support team with the full details of your system configuration (operating system, processor, memory, graphics card & driver version)? Knowing this information will be essential for Support to get you an answer.

I have the same problem over here. At first I though it was because Preform defaulted to Simplified Chinese menu and I am running a Traditional Chinese System. But if the problem due to using XP then this would be horrible because my two work horse computers for working 3D are all running XP which is fast and stable.

Yes, I find XP best for workstations due to low resources required for the OS. If I get any answers I will update here.

Well, you probably don’t want it to work. So far, it’s a BIG step backwards.

First off, and this is really annoying, the “Orientation” tab no longer shows existing degrees. PLUS to make things worse, it’s in incremental - not absolutes. So if you move off that tab, then come back, all your movements are from zero, not the actual orientation the part is.

So, if you have a saved print that worked great last week, and have revised said part and want to use the new Preform to match those old angles, there is no way to review that and you’re stuck re-making all the tweaks.

Then there is some really awful stuff going on with the point locations showing on my model. It’s like it has acne. Numerous points without structures. I’m just hoping that’s a graphic barf and they will not show up on my print.

I’m sure there are more surprises yet to come… but my advise is; stick with the older version. It worked great.

Oh, and by the way. I don’t see ANY of the improvements that have been suggested for future versions :frowning: Sad to take the time to update the software and not use any customer/user input. It would have been really nice if we could make our own defaults.

Wahhhhh! I want my old Preform back!

Thanks! I’ve submitted a ticket. Hope that there are fixes soon.

Where can I get the old version? I would love to try.

Okay, I can get most of Preform working (via inconvenient workarounds) but still I cannot change the resin type and layer thickness. So still I cannot print with the printer. :persevere:

@Rijk_Lau, I’ve had a load of problems with 1.9.3 as well and I have gone back to 1.8.2 which has solved my problems (I’ve already posted these on another similar thread).

But, if it helps, I’ve put up 1.8.2 on dropbox and you should be able to pull down the windows version here:

Windows version
removed as requested.

And here’s the Mac version, just in case:
removed as requested.

Thanks a lot Simon. I’ll download and try it.

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