New issues since switching to Grey resin version 4

Hey guys, I have had my Form 2 since December of 2015 and I’ve literally had zero problems with it and zero print failures … up until this weekend. I switched to grey resin version 4 and on my first print I kept getting “Cartridge Missing” error … a little searching on this forum turned up a fix that involves putting some masking tape on the bottom of the cartridge … I have to say this a lame workaround for a problem that should not exist … but it seemed to work.

The real problem is these strange voids in the print that I’ve never seen before, what could be causing this?

There is some cured resin in your laser path. Either on the optical window, or on the tray, bottom or top surfaces.

Thanks I’ll check that. The tray is brand new, I replaced it when I installed the new resin. I cannot imagine how anything could get on the optical window … but I’ll check. Thanks.

The cartridge missing error can be frustrating, and if you get in touch with our support team we’ll work to get this corrected for you.

There could be a few things going on with the lines you’re seeing in this print. It looks like PreForm might have undersupported this a bit, and you might try adding a few supports to that flat face to see if that corrects this. K

Taking the tray out of the printer while the build platform is in place seems to produce very small spots of resin on the optical window. This can produce holes similar to the ones you are seeing. You can check for this by shining a bright light on to the optical window, resin will show up as bight spots on the window surface.

I suspect these spots are formed when resin bubbles on the surface of the build plate burst. Grey resin seems to particularly prone to producing from and bubbles.

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