Need some help supporting this piece

Hi fellow makers,
I’ve got a client throug 3dhubs, that sended me a model to print.
Does someone is willing to help me with the set-up for this print. It seems a bit complex for me to handle.
Does a model like this nee a complete custom set-up of the supports ?

Thanks in advance

Metatron 01B_netfabb.stl (1.1 MB)

These types of models always have a ‘chance’ of failing, no matter how you position them unfortunately. You’ll always have some pipes which will end up parallel to the build platform. This creates enormous amounts of stress on that part of the area which might result in tears in the model.

I’d angle the model slightly more as a diamond shape, as the outer parts are supported much more than the inner parts. So these outer parts can endure more stress from peeling. Apart from that, printing at 0.1mm (or 0.2mm clear) is your only option. All other resolutions will most probably fail!

Good luck

Thanks Alex for the clear reply,
Will try adjusting the setup like you say.
I keep you posted on the result !!
Thanks again.

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