Delaminating/saggy/peeling prints

Hey guys,
I’m new to the whole 3d print game and wondered if you could give me some help. I’ve done about 4 prints on the Form 2. The first 2 came out great, the second lot have had delamination/peeling issues and uneven/blobby surfaces.

Does anyone know why this might be happening?


It could be helpful if you show the support structure so we can see how the part was oriented relative to the build platform. Also is this standard grey or grey pro resin?

Good point, I didn’t take a photo before removing supports but here are some preform captures. It’s standard grey resin.

Your parts have some orientation problems

First off, you need to avoid having a surface parallel to the build platform, it creates a large layer that isn’t supported enough and the layer will fall apart when it moves things around to print the next layer. Usually you angle it to start at some corner so that it can build up the surfaces.
Second, you need to orient things in a way that reduces the amount of supports required and allows you to place supports in areas that are easier to sand smooth. There will always be some cleanup required around the support points so you want to make it easy for you to clean up.

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the pretty side should be pointing UP.

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Great, thanks a lot guys. I’ll keep that in mind for the next prints I test out.

Have you tried to automatically orient your parts for printing? Please, observe that usually the part is oriented an angle where flat areas of a part are not parallel to the build platform. This is important as others have replied already. Also, make sure that all pockets do not face the resin tank. For example, if one is printing a form similar to a bowl, make sure the side that opens to the basin is facing the build platform, not the resin tank. I hope that is all clear. Lastly, avoid contaminating the resin with alcohol or sun light. This means that if you are using IPA to clean the build platform, remember to always wipe off all IPA. And, this means to store your resin tanks, with resin in them, in a shaded and cool location. Good luck!

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