Having delaminating trouble and pockets

So I ordered a new resin tank and new gray resin, in order to try to troubleshoot my printer. Overall the results seem better than with the white resin (haven’t tried clear yet). However, even with a brand new resin tray and new bottle of gray resin, I get strange delamination issues where some areas seem to flake away once I rinse in the iso solution. On the base, there is also a section where it didn’t fully attach (using all standard settings for supports). Otherwise the surface quality is great. I printed at 50 micron resolution, and using Preform 1.2.1 and latest firmware. Anyone know how/why this happens?


How does the model look in Preform.  i.e. are there any strange issues / anomalies in the model / tool path that stick out at you?  Are you using the same file / orientation from white to gray?  For what look like air bubbles in the cheek, is it just a surface issue or more of a deep air bubble?  Is this model hollow or solid? In your second picture, it looks like the supports are wavy and stringy.  It looks like that is the skin that is flaking off.  For the area of the build plate that appears to have nothing sticking to it, is your build plate flat?  Is the raft the recommended ~1.6mm?  Is this failure repeatable?

I hate to recommend building the butterflies but have you printed them out yet?  You did pull both pieces of plastic film from the new vat… right?  Just to be sure it is nothing hardware related, I would open up a support ticket.

@ David:

Thanks for your help.  The orientation is different, as is the size…this one is much larger and hollow. The cheek “skin” issue isn’t deep - that’s the strange thing, it’s almost like a layer of skin peeling off, but it has no real depth. I might expect delamination from successive layers, but this isn’t that. And on the side of the bust where it angles up and the supports attach, the entire plane of that area is delaminated and really odd - not just the top edge.  The supports are mostly okay, but some are wavy there. The other side printed fine (mirror image).  The model is hollow but has a very thick cross section (5-6mm at least). But none of the issues seem related to that as they are all “surface quality” issues.

The part the build plate didn’t stick to is actually the opposite side of the model, on the bottom.

And yes, I did pull both pieces of plastic off the vat. Not sure how large the butterfly is, but this is a large model. I can print small models with (mostly) success. I’m not sure printing the bf clip would prove anything except that larger models have higher failure rates. I did send in a support ticket also.


The butterflies are very small but show that something will stick and print correctly for FL.  It is a good beginning basic test that they usually request.  I have had butterflies print great only to really have a problem, so it is not guaranteed that they will show anything unless they just do not print correctly at all.  If you have the small objects that also failed, I would send FL pictures of those also as well.  It might help troubleshoot saving a little time.

Is it the peel side that was messed up?

I figured you removed both stickers but it would be an easy quick fix.

I printed an apple.  One side was awesome.  The other side had similar delimitation like yours the tore through the side of the model.  I cut it in half and re-printed.  Both halves came out great.  It was hollow, had air vents, and there was no reason I could find why it printed poorly.

I would be interested to know what Fl says.  Keep us updated.


Just a thought (as I don’t have my form 1 yet), but the latest version of the software has some *advanced* settings you can play with to gain fine tuning over things such as the build height, etc.

Perhaps tweaking the build platform zero height might help?