Whats the problem with this print?


I have a pretty small model, I’ve set the rotation about what I think is right, the point size is 0.45mm in this first test and I’ve let PreForm to create the supports. The model was broken along one side (see photo) and I also think that the shape of the object looks abit unsymmetric, especially along the base (closest to the buildplate)

Any ideas? Should I increase the number of supports?

I should also mention that I cleaned it for 10 min and then I forgot it in the second IPA bath for about 20 min, when I took it up, and decided to remove the support before the UV curing the large part broke off, although the smaller cracks was there as well already. Would the extended IPA bath do this?

For the first few mm of your print, you only have one support holding onto the part. That means that part is wobbling during the peel cycle and may not return to the intended position for the next layer. This shift means that the next support (several mm later) cannot connect to the part, and an “explosion” failure is seeded. What you’ll want to do is add 3 additional supports in a triangle right around the first support. See the image I uploaded here, in response to a similar issue.

It would also help to put a couple on the back side to add stability.

Thank you both!

I did just that and printed two new with a slight different rotation as well, in the UV chamber now!

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