Need advise on what is happening to my print

I’m hoping someone can tell me what I’m doing wrong.  I’m basically trying to print one of the windmill arms and it looks good on the software with no red shadings.  When I print though, this is what I get :(  I love this printer and it will be a challenge understanding it, but I’ve just spent to days getting this to print.  To me it looks like the supports gave out, but I did a 2nd print and increased the density but no dice.  At this point, the tank is cleaned and I removed the resin that was stuck to the base.  It left a haze but it’s as clean as possible.  I’ve attached some pictures so hopefully you’ll see something I haven’t.  Thanks!!



I would print it up at an angle.  Anything over ~30 degrees.  Just a guess but I think you will get better results.  Maybe also angle it sideways.  If I am describing it poorly, are you are willing to share an stl, it may be easier to explain with pictures.


Something like this.

Sorry about the .tiff

Thanks for the reply, here is the preform file as that is what my friend sent to print out.


I’ll give that a go.  I’m assuming the opening on the windmill arm should be pointing up?  Crossing fingers.  Thanks David!

I oriented the part for what might work.  I would guess it does not really matter which end points up as long as it is supported.

My understanding for successful prints is orient the part for the least surface area being cured at each layer while being sure it is properly supported.


I think I’ll try how you oriented.  I will give that a go and post my results.  I appreciate the help!

Hello Carlos – David’s suggestions are right on the money. If you’re having additional issues or repeated print failures on models that are proven to work, you should get in touch with our support team at

Thanks Sam, I think I’m going to have to.  I printed up the file that Dave was kind enough to provide and here are the results.  Unfortunately, they were not favorable :(  I’ve pretty much wasted a new bottle of my Grey resin just trying to print this design.  It shouldn’t be difficult considering that the Eiffel tower was printed on this type of printer :slight_smile:

From what I see, it prints the base just fine, but when it comes to the supports, it just fails completely.  This is a (was) a new resin tank that I bought and used.  I was originally printing the design using Windows 7 so I figured I’d install it on my iMac and print there.  No difference in outcome.  Prior to upgrading my Forms software in Windows 7, I didn’t have problems with support structures.  After upgrading the software, I received the new windmill arm design and decided to print it.  That’s when this issue started.  At this moment, I’m printing the Formlab butterfly to see if that prints fine.  I’ll know in 9hrs the outcome.  In the meantime, I will definitely open a trouble ticket as I’ve already burned $120 in resin and had not success printing this design :frowning:


Just wanted to say that I saw your support ticket come through our system. We will be following up with you asap. Please rest assured that we will get you up and running again as quickly as possible.

Thank you Jory.  I look forward to hearing from you guys as nothing has changed.  Tried printing the Formlab’s butterfly and basically came out the same as the pictures above :frowning:


Looks like something drastically wrong with the printer. The  supports should print with no problems. Have you checked your tank for loose bits of cured material? There should be a lot of it by now. Just a thought.

Good Luck with it.

Just wanted post an update that after going through different tests with Jory from Formlabs support, it seems to be a hardware issue and will be shipping it back to them for a replacement.  It’s sad, but these things happen.  What I do like though was the quick response to my emails and the different attempts to try and fix the issue to get me up and running.  To me, this shows me that they don’t just care about pushing out a product to an enduser, but also following through backing up their product.  Just thought I’d share my experience as a Formlabs enduser :)  Thanks again Jory and look forward to my replacement!


Received my replacement lastnight and immediately printer out the windmill arm at .025.  Woke up to a nice printout ;)  Thanks Jory and everyone here who helped out!

Congratulations! How long did it take to print that in 0.025 setting?

It took about 9hrs or so.  I just let it run overnight.