My Form 1+ might as well be a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I think My Form 1 + became a “Brick” just like the Samsung Galaxy 7 it stopped working When the Pro plan and the Form 2 was released…Do anyone else feel the same???

Sorry, no. What is wrong with your printer?

I do think the Pro plan is a great idea, the fact that it doesn’t extend the warranty limits it value for out of warranty printers IMO. $500 to get the ability to talk to someone for a year seems crazy when one is looking at $800 for a trip to repair for anything deemed non-end user serviceable. Yes, the pro plan will get a printer in the mail before yours is returned but it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

@Robert_Campbell Please elaborate as to what your problem is. Fellow forum members (and F1/1+ users) such as @DavidRosenfeld are very knowledgeable regarding the inner-workings of the Form 1/1+ and can help you diagnose your problem.

BTW I think you meant the Galaxy Note 7, I have a galaxy 7 and its been a dream phone so far! :slight_smile:

BBTW, we could go back and forth about the usefulness of the $500 service plan. For me it was incredibly useful during the first month or so of owning the printer. Having never seen a 3D printer or used any 3D software before owning our F2, having support just a phone call away was invaluable to me. So was the hour long video training given to me by @Alex (whom I understand is on the sales team now).



I don’t know if I would say the Form 1 is useless, If it’s still functional, how can you make such a statement? BUt I think that some users here, and FormLabs most of all, have cultivated a “business first” mentaility around this product.

What I mean by this is that everything around this device (Form 1 or 2) is structured as if the only people buying this device are business users, and hobbyists were never considered. This is why you have $500 Pro plans, for those that can’t afford to be down (Mission Critical Work), that’s why you have $800 flat fees, because they way they look at it, getting a replacement printer for that money is an acceptable expense that can be accounted for in the course of the life of the printer (ROI).

But they forget the little guys, that bought this printer to print stuff for their hobbies, and every expense associated with it, comes out of their pocket and is non-reimbursable.

The more I struggle with my printer, the more I’m beginning to realize that this is not a device that would last a lifetime, it will get out of whack withing a year or two (depending on use), and since it’s proprietary, once the basic troubleshooting is done, you’ll have to send it in for repairs. There is no information on how to fix it, technical question will either be ignored or simply dismissed because this is not something they provide for DIY’ers.

So one would have to make a decision, is this device something I can use as a business, so as to offset the cost of running it? If the answer is no, then the Form printers are not for you, unless you’re financially well off, and can afford to spend $2500-$3000 per year to run and maintain it.

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The Galaxy Note 7 did not have a “brick” problem. It had a “self immolation” problem. So unless your Form1 has burst in to flames, it is not in the least bit like a Galaxy Note 7 phone. :slight_smile:


my printer stopped printing…several tanks cracked two main mirrors destroyed twice

I wish I had my FB Live running when I talked to One of the Sale’s Rep @ JCK in 2016

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