Form 2 Pro Service Plan?

Hello,Im going to be purchasing the Form 2 very soon and I cant decide if the Pro Service plan is worth the price? I do like the idea of having phone support but I haven’t seen many issues with the Form 2 that would require support. I think the only reason I would buy it is for the advance replacement, I just dont know if I should spend the money on the Service Plan or use that money and buy more Resin. What does everyone think? Thanks for any insight!

Kind of an interesting question. I think the answer is “it depends”.

I’m a very technical user, many years in the computer software/hardware design and manufacturing business, plus personal experience with FDM 3D printers and CNC milling. I didn’t buy the printer as a money making tool, it’s for making stuff I want to make. And I like figuring things out for myself (the old “teach a man to fish” adage. Figure it out for yourself, you learn something that might help you later on). And forums like the one you’re in now is actually a great source of information and advice. And there’s always “standard” technical support as a last resort (I did have to go this route on my Form1+. And their response turned out to be totally satisfactory). So for someone like me, paying extra for support is a non-starter. Goes against my “grain” and doesn’t really provide a return-on-investment.

But if you’re buying the printer as a money-making tool, then time as they say, is money. Faster resolution of technical issues means less downtime and/or wasted time/effort means more revenue. So if you’re not already 3D Printer “experienced”, and you intend to use the printer as a revenue source, then yeah, paying for the extra level of support would probably be a good decision…

I think this comes down to whether the device is a source of income or not. If the machine not working costs you money, then the service plan is a no brainer.

If not, the regular support is still pretty awesome. If its not a big deal for the machine to be down for a few days or more as you go back and forth on emails and wait for parts, then i don’t think the service plan does a whole lot for you.

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