About to pull the trigger

I’ve looked around and I’m pretty sure the form 2 is the machine for me, but I just had a few questions to get off my chest first.

Which resin is best for detailed sculptural models? (I’m a 3d artist so mainly wanted to print out my characters) I don’t care so much about resin colour since I will probably clean up and primer regardless, so I’m looking mostly at detail and surface finish + ability to ‘finish’. Don’t discount 3rd party resins here if they are working out for you!

Is there a trade off between resin type and vat life?

Is it plausable for the hobbyist to run this machine? I’m not rich and I forsee alot of consumables mounting up costs! - is it possible to offset this by providing a service over the web? (I’m new to 3d printing)

Is it likely that the form 2+ / 3 will be released this year and make me regret?


The best materials for high detail small objects is either the new Grey V3 or Black. Black comes out with kind of a matte finish, gray will be more glossy, and that’s due to the amount of pigment in the resin. It can be sanded/polished very smooth though.

While I think there’s probably enough of a difference in the resins that could affect the vat life, I don’t know if they have any data on that. For clear/white/grey/black they are the same base with different pigment so those will have the same vat life.

I’m a hobbyist as well and currently use the machine for a single project I’ve been trying to do for quite some time, I wouldn’t be able to do the project without the printer, but the printer is a huge cost for a single project so the overall cost is quite high just from having to buy equipment, so if you have a lot of use for it then that helps justify the cost. I’m not sure I’d be into doing printing as a service though.

I don’t see a new update for the printer coming for at least a year, at the very least it would take them a year to get production of a new machine going. I don’t think they will do a slightly improved Form2 (like a Form2+) so the next printer would probably be a step up similar to going to the Form2 from the Form1+. And if that’s the case then the amount of time before they get a new printer out will be even longer.

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To address your price offset concern directly, I put my machine up on 3dhubs.com. I get on average 2-3 orders per month, averaging approximately $100 each. It’s not going to get me rich of course, but it does pay for a cartridge or two of resin per month.

Good luck!


thanks guys, Yeah - the selling printer time is less a way of making money, more a way to subsidise my own fun :smiley: Out of interest, what kind of price would you charge per ml ?

I am constantly adjusting mine to try to find a sweet spot. I have found if its too low, I get too many small jobs not worth my time. Currently I have around $0.75 per ml and a $75 min order. For me this filters out the smaller jobs allowing for just a few larger jobs per month and my prints of course.

  • Kevin

Edit: I also have a stock of high temp and flex resin. I have those at a much higher /ml price as the resins themselves are much more expensive. Also high resolution costs more as well!

Sounds good, Alright, arms twisted :stuck_out_tongue:

How long will I wait after ordering? I think I’ll go wth grey, the new V3 looks perfect for my needs!

Not very long, i got my machine and 5 resin carts, build platforms, etc within a week of ordering, and I ordered during Thanksgiving holidays.

I just Pulled the trigger! However I ordered via shop3d.ca (official reseller) since it came out cheaper enough to get an extra cartridge of the v3 grey.

Cant wait to get my first print set up!

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Nice, be sure to post pics/results of your first print!

Oohhh I will!

When oh when will that UPS truck pull up!!!

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UPS truck will never show up… they use Fed Ex so check your package and make sure they didn’t use the packaging as a jack stand to do any tire changes. (not a fed ex fan here).

Other than that I personally like the clear resin for general purpose printing. Requires less mixing and offers the widest range of print options. Detail is the same on clear as it is on the tinted resins just harder to see them because they are clear. You can always paint the parts.

Well I went with grey v3 since apparently it’s the best ( maybe new ) resin for sharp detail, il prob get clear as the next one with a new vat.

It arrived bang in the 7pm UPS limit. And i bought from a canadian reseller, so no fedex!

The Printers aproaching 31 degrees…