Missing Cartridge Error in Form2

Hi all,

Has anyone had a problem with a cartridge not being recognised as present mid-build? A build has failed 4 times in a row now. I’ve had to raise-up the cartridge in the Form2 and lowered it into position and it reseat & carried on with the build (every 3 hours or so).

I’ve made sure that everything’s clean, I’ve swapped over the cartridge and tray to our 2nd Form2 and it printed perfectly (so it’s definitely the printer). I’ve updated the printers’ firmaware and the Preform program on my laptop - but it’s still happening. Any ideas?


Hi Shane,

This already happened before. There are a couple threads about it, I would advise you to contact support.
In my case I needed to send back the printer.


Thanks Claudio,
I didn’t realise as I just subscribed and posted before researching within the forum. I’ll trawl through earlier posts so.

Seconding @ClaudioPin’s suggestion of getting in touch with our support team. There are a few potential reasons for this and we can help to identify the cause in your case.

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