Printer's cartridge missing errors constantly

I have been getting missing cartridge errors far more than I would like recently. I have no clue whats causing this. It almost seems firmware related. Is there a special technique to inserting the cartridge. Its so random when it decides it will work or not work. Like last night it wasn’t working after I pulled it in and out a few times. Then while it was sitting there something magical happened and it worked. I printed all night but then today before I even touched the machine the Cartridge is magically not inserted anymore even though I didnt touch the machine at all. Its even done it during prints. Causing my prints to pause for god knows how long. I’m getting the vibe like something was added in the firmware to make it so we have to buy more consumables. This isn’t the first time I have had issues with this but this latest white Cartridge as really given me grief.

Ironically there was a fix added to the latest firmware to prevent these errors but I think it just made them more prevalent.

My machine was purchased in March and it has given me more grief then even my 200 dollar FDM machine. Like sure when it works its an amazing printer but the amount of errors and odd ball things it does makes me wonder what I am paying for. The thing is just far to finicky for anyone’s good. Sometimes I feel the firmware updates are just a way to break peoples machines to trigger them to buy new ones. Like some roundabout money making tactic. Like oh your cartridge isnt reading you need a new one. Oh the tank is worn you need a new one. Oh it seems your laser is weak you need a new one.

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If you don’t trust the firmware you can roll back, take a look there :

As a general rule, if your printer works fine you should not upgrade your firmware unless there is a feature you need. This is especially true for professionals who rely on the machine for their work.

I’m not saying you’re not right to complain or anything, just offering an alternative.

Carry through the logic of that, I’d still be happy running Windows XP, which did absolutely everything I ACTUALLY needed, and I’d have saved myself months of grief… Just sayin.

How do you know whether you need a feature until you’ve tried it?

Because they have a descriptions of the new features on their website ?

If they add the option to replace a model by a new version while keeping the supports in place, i know it’s a feature I want. If they annonce support for a new resin I don’t own or even plan on using, it’s no use to me.

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