Removed/Missing/ Inserted Cartridge Error

The printer is only 4 months old and recently I have been receiving a lot of Removed/ Inserted Cartridge Error messages while the print starts and mid print.
It keeps flickering between cartridge removed - Cartridge Inserted - Cartridge removed while the build plate is lowering and keeps popping throughout the print.
Upon looking into forum threads, I see the problem is older than a year now.
Can someone help me figure out how to fix this issue without having to send the printer back for repairs? I am in the middle of a project right now and cannot afford to send it away for now.

Any suggesttings would be most appreciated.

Hi, yes this issue has been talked about quite a bit ! Have you updated your firmware to the latest version ? I think a few months ago Formlabs did some optimization regarding the cartridge and/or tank detection to mitigate this error.

What you can do also is check the contacts on the cartridges and the printer (down in the cartridge receiver) to see if there isn’t a splash of resin preventing a proper contact.

If all fails I would open a ticket with Formlabs :wink:

I cleaned the sensors in the cavity with IPA and the firmware is most recent. The problem still persists.

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