Cartridge Removed and Inserted messages during peel process

I currently have a ticket opened with support but, I was curious if anyone else is having the same issue or if I just have a lemon. On almost every peel process I get a message that the cartridge has been removed and then instantly another message that says the cartridge has been inserted. This will happen until I get a message that the “incompatible consumable has been removed”. Eventually the Form 2 pauses with a media mismatch error and waits for me to pick up the cartridge and reinsert it. What a pain. It also seems that each time it thinks that a cartridge was inserted it has to sense resin and that adds to the print time considerably.

Support has already had me take the cartridge floor out and check/re-adjust the sensor pins. DID NOT HELP. Three different brand new cartridges and tanks, all with errors. Only three weeks old, just over 40 prints and this has been happening for about half of those. If my Form 2 is bad then I have no choice to return it for repair. Seems they should fix that in firmware if this is common. I do emphasize the fact that this ONLY happens during the PEEL PROCESS. Like something is pulling or moving out of contact.

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Most often when we see a cartridge having trouble reading, it’s because of the chip on the cartridge itself. It sounds like you’ve done a good amount of troubleshooting to rule out cartridge issues and in some cases, it can be caused by the actuator arm on the printer itself failing to get a good contact with the chip on the cartridge. If there’s not a secure enough contact, things like the wipe movement can throw off the connection like you’re seeing. This sounds like a hardware rather than a firmware issue and here’s to hoping our support team is able to get you up and running again quickly.

I have to say, I love this printer. But right now I’m running in OPEN mode so that I can print. I have tried to get the contact fingers on the cartridge sensor to stay connected and it’s just not happening. As an electro-mechanical engineer turned IT engineer I know a thing or two. It wants to work, but design issues are not allowing it. The contact point on the finger were originally way too low and if the edge of the cartridge lost contact … error. The area on the cartridge where the contacts for the chip rest is slightly angled and may allow good contact with one but not the other. How is something so simple not work. And the reason I’m using OPEN mode is because the last time I had to “RE-INSERT” the cartridge, looks like it broke off and now it can’t ready any cartridge. I may have to print a new one. So sad. But still printing.

As I wrote in somebody’s other post having the same issues:

My sensor from the cartridge was not glued properly (tilted) so I cut it down with a sharp knife, cleaned the surface so that everything was straight and a good fit for the sensor. After this step I glued it carefully with a drop of CA back into place. I used the whole cartridge without any failure again.

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