Miniature bases

I am printing these just so they match my prints and I will superglue the miniatures to the bases. Anyways, it seems like the base sitting at a 90degree angle would be the best orientation, but will it warp as it builds up? Or not with the Form2?

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It’s often best to angle things like this a bit. You might try a 30 degree angle to keep everything fully supported and forces more evenly distributed. At a 90 degree angle, you do have some unsupported overhangs for the first layers.

The middle one would be ok but I would add a couple supports along the back further up so that it makes it more stable, with that arrangement it will be a bit unbalanced while printing.

Actually I printed a whole bunch of these for my Warhammer miniatures, and I oriented them upside down, directly on the platform, no supports.

They printed perfectly. Here is the layout

That can only be done if you have an inward draft on the edges. How would you get them loose from the base otherwise? Also, if the printer happens to have a lot of over compression, you risk breaking them all. I had that happening before tuning the Z-axis.

Mine have a 15° draft, but I didn’t use a spatula to get them off, I just grabbed them and popped them off. If they’re a little stubborn, just get a razor blade under them and they’ll come right off.

… oh, and my machine has quite a bit of over compression.

If you guys are interested, I can post the STL, These are 30mm diameter, with 2mm walls. If you need other sizes, I can make them and post them here.

I friend of mine uses low value coins for bases for her miniatures. they are a lot cheaper and easier to obtain than prints.

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true that! I usually use cheap washers and use greenstuff over them

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