How would you orient this part?

I think having the part oriented the way I did would work but I am a bit nervous about the giant raft at the bottom.  I have seen some flat bottom parts oriented up at an angle have more of a base that looks like a C.  Does anyone have a suggestion to get the best results.



Consider how simple the shape of your print is, there is no overhang or any detail on it,  You can try just rotate it upside down with the “neck” down on the platform and print with no support, Since this one has very thin wall you should have no problem when removing it from the platform.

Yes, I agree with Lock. However, you need to account for the Z-axis compression on the bottom few millimeters of the part when you do that.

Consider that you might see significant post print distortion when printed in that orientation. Every part that I’ve tried to print normal to the build platform tweaks out on me, sometimes deflecting 3mm+ over a span of 75mm. (It could be how I let the parts cure in the sun too long on one side, I don’t know).

I think the huge raft is my issue.  I think I was expecting to see a hole in the middle.  I figured the raft would be big enough to hold the part securely to the build platform but have a hole in the middle to reduce stress on the machine.

Thank you for the suggestions.

You could keep the same orientation - but add your own custom “pre-supports” as part of the model - and hence break up the huge raft base. I’m finding preform auto-support generation is not so clever with geometric shapes (vs more organic ones). I had 3 failures trying to print a part with a rectangular base for instance, so I added my own support design to that model.