Print directly on build plate, no supports ... is that allowed?

I’ve had my Form 2 since December 2015 and It’s been working like a champ … Tonight I came across a situation that I’ve never run into before … the possibility of printing without support structure. And I’m wondering if it’s a good or bad idea.

I have a part that is totally flat on the back and is not very thick, it seems sensible that I can save about 4 hours of print time if I orient it flat on the build plate and don’t have any supports at all.

Is this allowed? Will it cause any problems at all?

It is fine to print directly on the platform but:

  1. You might get a little bit of inaccuracy on the Z-axis
  2. Since your model has a large surface area on the bottom it might be tough for the printer to do the peeling process.

Part removal will be a pain and point (1) from @aad345 is especially valid because the height of the part in its shortest section is very small.

If I were in your situation, I either would print that part without support and increase the thickness of the bottom-most region or would rotate the part by about 78º and print with supports.

Thanks a lot for the feedback guys. I ended up just orienting it like I would normally, about 20 degrees off vertical and then added supports … and I let it print all night. This morning it was done and waiting for me and it came out fine.

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