Printing directly on the build platform

Hi all,
I would like to print directly on the build platform.
But, Preform shows ‘Printability warning’ as shown below figure.
Can I ignore the warning then print the model?

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

@yoh7 Hello!

Is the support structure at the bottom an essential component of this print, or is it just to hold the lattice structure up top?

Thank you for your question.
The plate and support structure at the bottom will be removed after print. it is to hold the lattice structure.

Thank you

In that case this should be fine, but I would recommend removing the 3 cylindrical posts you have at the bottom as they’ll just slow your print and use resin you don’t need to use.

Also, I’m not entirely sure how well that lattice structure will print, but I hope it works well for you!

The reason why I made the cylindrical support is to make it easier to remove the model from the platform.
I thought it could be difficult to remove the plate from the platform without the cylindrical support.
Do you think it can be easily removed from the platform without the cylindrical support?

add a bit at the base because the first few layers are compressed

Even though I will remove the flat plate after print, should I add some layers at the bottom?

Those cylindrical supports probably aren’t enough to hold the print on the build plate. And the plate structure will not print very well if at all. It is completely horizontal to the build platform. The first layer of that plate will include a lot of surface area that’s not supported. The peel process will destroy those unsupported areas. From that point on, results will be random and messy.

If you want the plate structure, leave it in place. But let Preform build a base with supports to hold the plate, don’t create your own.

Printing the plate directly on the build platform would work, too. But it might be hard to remove without breaking it, so depending on how the lattice part of the print is attached to the plate, that might mean the lattice is broken, too.

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when you print directly on the base, the software add some little layers by default. this is not a problem but, remember! :smiley:

In this case, what the OP was printing directly on the build platform was “sacrificial”, his own version of supports, so the Z compression can be ignored.

His supports probably won’t work anyway, but for a different reason.

I would, as others have said, remove the cylinders, but put a chamfer around the bottom edge of the plate. That will give you some purchase to help you remove the plate from the build plate, in much the same way standard rafts are chamfered on the outside.

You should ask customer service about this. I think it’s fine, but an expert would know better.