Printing dental models without supports

We have been printing horseshoe dental models without supports and have lost approx 1 mm of the base. This can make it difficult when fabricating aligners because we are very close to the gingival margin. We are also noticing lines running through the model/teeth. Which then transfer over to the aligner. We would prefer not to print with supports. Would we have to prepare our model differently and leave extra height on the base for those models printed on the Form2? We have other 3D printers, from different companies, that do not compress the base as much as the Form2, so we haven’t had to prepare the models any different depending on the printer used. Any thoughts or ideas that have worked for others is greatly appreciated!

i find the models come out better if you stand them at an angle. If i print flat without adding to the base i let form 2 add supports. manly so i can get them off the build platform