Support structures- How can I place my part directly on the base Preform creates?

I would like to place a ring to build directly on the base. (see attached image Labeled A)

Is this possible? Each time it generates supports, the orientation of part is raised higher in the Z axis and supports are placed underneath. (see attached image labeled B)

Just print your part without generating supports :wink:

Bravo! Thank you!

Now excuse me whilst I go bang my head on the wall for not noticing the obivous.d I expect issues if base I place on part is too wide


For easier release of the part you should add a draft to your base, like Preform automaticly generates them.

what is best way to ensure base of part is exactly flat on build platform prior to sending file to printer??

In the Orientation popup click “Select Base…”

For horseshoe dental arches, after using the “Select Base” option in the Orientation mode, be sure to check the first layer of your print by clicking on the slider on the right side of Preform. I have found that occasionally my dental arches aren’t completely flat on the bottom, and this will cause a major mess because the arch will fall off of the build platform into the tank during the print job. What seems to happen is that I use OrthoAnalyzer software that came with my Trios scanner to move teeth. The software makes automatic adjustments to the soft tissue, which is pretty amazing and a nice feature. But this remodeling of the gingiva apparently can sometimes slightly distort the flat bottom of my arch, and this distortion will show up when I check the first layer on Preform. If I don’t have a complete outline of an arch on that first layer, I then take that model to 3D Builder, and use the “Split” function under the Edit mode and slightly shave the bottom of my arch, then open it back into Preform.

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