Base Ring instead of large circle

This may already have been answered but…

Im trying to print a large circular ring with threads. When I use the Preform Software Wizard it created a base that is a ring shape similar to the shape of my part so it doest waste a large amount of resin printing a platform.

When ask the support function to generate the supports when ring part is laying flat. It created a massive base the size of the entire part. even though there is nothing that is going to be printed above it.

How do i tell the Preform software to not create a base in certain areas,

I have attached a screen shot of what i am speaking of

Rings can be potentially problematic. You don’t want to align it to the build platform, because a large starting layer like that can fall apart when it has to slide the tray and go to the next layer. Normally, you could just put it flat on the bottom of the platform, but there’s a couple of issues with that–first is that the starting layer thickness is not a set size–it overcures the starting layers to fix this but your print wouldn’t necessarily end up the correct measurement. Besides that, at about 5mm it changes curing settings which will leave a line on your print. Hopefully at some point they can adjust the printing settings to avoid this line that shows up. Usually it’s not an issue when you have supports, but it makes a problem for printing directly to the platform without supports.

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