Bases with no supports?

I have two 35mm bases that I am printing flat on the bed. That should work right, or no?

well, times up, printer is heated and starting :wink: We shall see.

It should print, but your dimensional accuracy in Z may not be great.

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They will definitely print but depending on the location on the platform you might get incorrect Z height or a little bit of a slope effect in the final print.

The first couple of layers are more compressed to help with adhesion. This means that the dimensions in the Z axis can be thrown off usually by around 0.5mm or so. This is usually compensated for with the support base.

These models are relatively small, but you should usually aim to minimize the cross-section per layer. In many cases, printing flat maximizes the cross-section per layer and can put more stress on the part during the peel movement.

I did print them and everything you all have said, happened. First it was really stuck onto the build platform, so I gouged the metal once. Ugha. Second, it sloped out like you’ve mentioned, on the bottom, even though I had somewhat of a lip there. Lesson learned! dont print without supports. :wink: Its not worth it.

If you do want to print without supports, the trick for removing parts is to use a thin blade like an x-acto knife rather than a scraper. You can use the x-acto to lift up a corner enough that you can then wedge a paint scraper under and remove the rest of the part.

I like the idea of printing without supports or a base, however it just doesn’t work well.

The small savings in Resin isn’t worth the waste of time.

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Well, it depends on the model. Sometimes it is much better to print without supports. For example you can see in the pictures a cover I printed for a lamp I’m making and the cover printed perfectly fine without supports. If I were to print it with supports then removing them would be a cumbersome job plus the fact that printing it without supports is cleaner.

It is the part on the far left at the bottom

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