Supports yes or no?

Good afternoon. I waiting for the printer.
Therefore wanted to ask couple of questions to owners :slight_smile:

  1. Tell, what will occur if to print without support?
  2. It is better to divide model 8-10 cm high into parts?
  3. What resin and for what purposes you prefer more?
  1. You can print without supports if your part doesn’t have any overhangs and is fully self supported, however your part may not be as dimensionally accurate as it could be if you used supports. Printing without supports can save time and resin, but it won’t be suitable for most parts.
  2. The build volume is 125 x 125 x 165 mm. If your part doesn’t fit, you need to split it into pieces in the CAD program of your choice. It looks best to make the split lines follow the topology of your model rather than just chopping it up into rectangular chunks if you want to hide the seams.
  3. has a good description of the strengths of each resin. It depends what you want to print. Grey is a good versatile all purpose resin, but I’m really enjoying printing in black lately.