Printing without support


I have a question : i woul like to print a simple model, a disk (12mm / 1.5mm) and this simple form don t need a support but… A form 1 + owner told me : " it’s impossible to print without support on this 3d printer " . Is it right ? Is there no issues to print without support for this kind of models ?

Thnaks for replying

it can work, but it’s highly dependent on the geometry. there’s nothing in the software preventing you from trying it.

You will have issues with things that have holes but solid objects should be fine.

Sharing a personal experience: I have done similar prints and had no issue with that as long as the resin tank and the platform are crystal clean. However, as the tank gets cloudier after a few prints, then print defects starts, and with supports you part have better chance to survive.

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