First print - NO SUPPORTS - success!

I just received my Form 1+ a week ago and completed my first print. I selected the Twisted Rook model to get a better idea of how the machine performs. During the print I became worried that it failed due to a very thin resin flange that had formed around the part. However when I cleaned the part the flange came off without a problem. As you can see the part is perfect. I printed this completely vertical with no supports. I believe this model was designed to be printed without supports.

Here’s the finished part after cleanup.

This is what the part looked like just after it finished printing. It looked bad and I thought it had failed until I was able to clean it up.

So far very impressed with the new Form 1+.

Nice print! I’d recommend printing with supports as the first layers compress to stick the print to the platform. I have found dimensional issues in the z axis when printing direct to the platform.

Thanks Gary - LOL yes I found out the hard way that printing with no supports makes it very difficult to remove the model from the support. Thanks for the tip!