Flexible Resin and Supports

Hi… When using Flexible Resin I’ve tried to follow the Formlabs guidelines on orienting the parts (having it more “flat”) and using more supports than you might for the other resins. This creates some issues with clean up and removing the supports. I’d like to get some feedback on how others might deal with this. I’ve attached images of a part just made, the CAD and the Preform set up. Is there any other way to print this, using less supports that would reduce the clean up involved and reducing loss of the part’s structure. I should have taken a photo of the parts with the supports still in tact… But as you can see… when the supports are removed it leaves quite a gnarly mess.

Thanks for your feedback.



You might try and print that flat, without supports

Interesting suggestion @Zachary_Brackin… thanks … I’ll give it a try.

Yes, as long as the side of that part you were supporting is totally flat, that’s a very good case for printing flat on the build platform with no supports. You will probably want a nice, thin putty knife or scraper for removing it.