How to get rid of supports

I am making 3D hole structures with 50x50x0.5 mm of dimensions. I generate the supports using PreForms software and the printing goes well with flexible resin. I try to make the supports with the smallest touchpoint and less density allowed by the sofware. However, when I want to get rid of the supports through sonication and hand-cut, I damage my structure and even break it. Is there a more efficient way to print the samples or to get rid of the supports? I have also try to print them on the bed, but that results on an uncontrol thickness.

Try removing the supports before curing the part when they’re more flexible, also when you first remove the part try not to cut it directly against the surface of the part but leave a little room. After you’ve removed the supports, the points that remain can more easily be removed with an exacto knife or sanding without removing chunks of the actual print.

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Removing support from Flexible resin before post-curing isn’t recommended, the parts are way to fragile and flexible to properly being worked on.

@Danae007 some have had success with post-curing then freezing Flexible parts, making the model brittle (manipulate with care) but the supports as well and it also sands much better at freezing temperatures.


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