Mini raft tab

So for printing small parts, the regular rafts can cause huge issues with adherence. I think the suction effect created on the normal raft is too much for small parts which was leading to repeated failures. We were advised to try mini rafts instead as it creates a different style of raft for the part (simpler, flat and with no cupping issues). The only problem is how hard it is to get these off the print bed when being used as the one and only raft. Please include a raised notch (maybe 2-3mm wide) that can be used to leverage the mini raft up using the tool in a similar fashion to the chamfer that runs around the normal raft base.


I only use the Mini rafts. The key to getting them off easily is to use a razor to pop the vacuum. I found large carbon snap off blades do a great job.!2966!3!50916771957!!!g!109227911877!


This is great advice jcs10520, thank you!

I use this 4 " paring knife. best tool for me

+1 For this idea! I was specifically coming to the forums to post the same. The Mini Raft is great for many parts and saves a lot of resin and even hours off one of my prints but getting it off the built plate is challenging. It is also risky to remove since vigorous scraping could lead to built plate damage. It should be very simple for Formlabs to make the mini raft bumps with vertical sides instead of rounded and just a bit taller to give the flat scraper something to grip.

I did just try the razor blade idea with the mini raft today after seeing the suggestion on this thread and it worked really well! The mini raft bumps came off very easily. Thanks!

Yes, inserting a razor blade is very effective, but I would really like to see the notch idea implemented as well. I sometimes design the parts with built in structures to print directly (no rafts) and in my equivalent of the miniraft there is a notch all around. It helps remarkably well with the standard removal lever and with the razor blade as well.