When to use mini Rafts?

Just updated both preform and my form2 firmware, and I am wondering when are mini rafts advisable?
I can see that this will be often used on the form3, but on the form2, where there is quite some sheer and pull force still, it am kind of scared to try it out …

Saving resin and print time are the most obvious upsides of this feature IMO.

I printed a flat 100x100mm part (rough size of the bottom layers) angles at 3° on both X and Y axii with 0.80 support density and .5mm touch point size with Rigid resin. It printed flawlessly and I saved quite a bit of resin AND print time.

Keeping the same 3° orientation :
Without any supports the parts is using 38.55mL of resin and would take 4h30
With mini rafts, 52.9mL and 5h45
With normal raft 75.35mL and 7h

In this case printing with a raft double the amount of resin used, whereas the mini raft take only 28% more. Is also shaves 1h30 out of the total print time.

During the night I printed a bunch of 0.50mL parts. Mini rafts bring the resin usage up to 0.82mL per part, while the normal raft bring the total to 1.43ml. In this case there was no noticeable gain but the resin saved is definitely worth it.

definitely not with tough resin

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Have you tried it ?

Yes, tough resin is difficult to stick to BP so with mini rafts you might get some points not sticked.

Have you tried it with mini rafts I mean ? I print Tough part that have very low surface are in contact with the BP and have had no adhesion issues.

If course Tough sticks a bit less to the BP than Rigid but just because you have had trouble with Tough adhesion on your own printer/BP/combo doesn’t mean it’s a generality. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were able to print Tough part you posted photos of of recently with mini rafts instead of the standard one.

I just tried them, but with normal resin and they work very well. For the models I used it was a 30% resign saving and it makes models printed parallel to the surface much easier to clean in the Clean machine.

I am very new to resin and the Form 2 - 2 weeks now. I have printed 3 pressure fittings with Tough using the mini-rafts with no adhesion problems at all. They are kind of “chunky” in weight, but all went well. These forum discussions are good. Until I read this thread I didn’t know Tough was any different from Standard resin in regard to adhesion to the bed.

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