"Messy" Finish on Parts

Hi all,

Have had our Form1+ for a week or two and have only run a couple of parts. So far the finish looks good in some areas, but really bad in others. See images below…

Pretty bad surfaces here on the vertical walls

Excellent finish on the part in the foreground, but look at the corner in the background - bad finish

Really good finish on this part

All of the parts in the above images were printed at the same time (4 separate parts total).

Can anyone comment on why some surfaces look really messy? I understand that where the supports are there will be lots of little “pips” but this isn’t that, because there are no supports on the rough surfaces.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve been experimenting too and found that if I print several objects at the same time especially a large object with several smaller objects I end up having issues. I suspect that it’s something to do with the larger object causing a lot of suction with a sudden release of the parts which “shocks” the smaller pieces causing issues.

I would try printing them separately and also trying playing around with pre-form. If I hit the orientation button several times it throws out different orientations, some of which I found worked better than others when printing similar parts.


You can also try checking to see if your build platform is tight. The tightness can be adjusted using a small flathead screwdriver on the top of the handle. A loose build platform can sometimes cause this sort of finish on taller parts.