Malfunctioning LCD on Form 2

Hi all, we just received our new Form 2 printer, for the first day everything with the LCD worked well. The next day our resin cartridge arrived and we proceeded to perform our first print, when we connected our printer to a macbook pro 15" running OS X 10.11.3 and PreForm 2.1.0 via USB, the software stated the printer required a firmware update, we performed it, and when we looked back to the LCD to confirm the firmware update and printer restart, the LCD was completely white, only once did we get a somewhat clear view of the LCD for some minutes. During this period we could see the firmware confirmation, so we installed it. After that, the LCD turned white again and that was the end of it. We already submitted a ticket on Friday, but we have not received any feedback from support, has anyone experienced something like this, if so, what was the root cause?

Thanks in advanced, regards.

Jaime Gonzalez.

Hey @Jaime_Gonzalez! I’m sorry to see your Form 2 is giving you trouble. Could you let me know the support ticket #? It should have been in the confirmation email you received. It’s really rare that it takes so long for a request to be answered. We’ll make sure you get taken care of ASAP!

Hi @Roxanne Roxanne, thanks for your reply. We got a reply on the ticket today, but after answering the rep’s question, we did not hear back from him again today.

The ticket # is 60900, once more, thanks for your support, we will be standing by.

Best Regards, Jaime.

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