Form2 Display Issues

Morning Guys, been loving in most-part my new printer other than a few WiFi Niggles the experience has been flawless, I got up this morning however to see this on my display:

Video of Form2 Glitch

it appears my printer has entered the twilight zone haha!

I think i know this is probably an RMA job but thought i;d ask the question anyway …



My printer has done this on long prints…
What is strange is the touch screen still worked and you could tell that it was still responding.
It was about 10 hours into a 14 hour build so I wasn’t about to stop it since it seemed to be printing fine.

After I touched and swiped the screen a few times the display came back and looked normal.
Everything else seems to work fine so I was hoping it was a firmware problem and not hardware

This is a known issue that happens infrequently. It does not affect print activity, and resolves itself eventually. Restarting should also fix it.

We are, of course, not satisfied that it happens at all, but it is a subtle embedded software bug that we haven’t fully fixed.

LVDS gone woo-woo :smiley:

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it happened to my new form 2. after first printing.
it fix after few minutes but it is annoying and disappointing.

Yep I had that too. It fixed itself! Will keep an eye on it just in case…

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This bug should be conclusively fixed with the latest firmware release version 1.5. It was a pretty challenging bug. We will hopefully put up a blog post about it…