Form 3 LCD Screen glitch

I am having a problem with the screen glitching, I have attached a couple of images and a video any ideas what is causing this?

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I had the same issue. I loaded one version back Firmware and the problem went away.


Hey Steve, I reset it to factory settings yesterday and I updated it manually, if it doesn’t work, I will load one version back, which version do you currently have?


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I am having the same issue. Ia currently running firmware rc-1.11.7-667 and I noticed the issue like 2 firmwares back.
What firmware is OK without glitch?
I also noticed the glitch is not there during standby, only during the build (maybe heating affects it?).

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Have you had any power cuts and if so, was it in a surge protected socket?

We had a storm knock out the power when our printers were in a temporary office where it wasn’t surge protected and when one came back on it was kind of like this and has never gone away.


I have the Form 3 connected to a UPS APC battery. So I am pretty sure it’s not a power surge.

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There was no power cuts recently.
I went to firmware 1.9.5 then 1.8.3 and then all the way down to firmware 1.5.16 with no change. Still flickering.

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Same problem here. Thought it was a fault in my power supply… I guess it’s preform!

Please fix Formlabs!

I have the same issue. If I unplug it it comes back to normal for a week or so, until it happens again…

Well, here is what i have done so far, I reset to factory settings and installed that latest firmware manually using USB then once it finished it worked fine for a day then it came back again and I was ready to do a reseating on the display cable but then all of a sudden it went away, and now it’s been working fine for a week, so the next time it happens I will do a reseating of a ribbon cable on the display and if that doesn’t do it then I think the display needs to be changed,

I have the same problem. Reboot doesn’t help.

Hey @Pixelbudah !

So sorry to see you’re dealing with this error.

I would recommend reaching out to our support team ASAP at the link below and they’d be happy to try and get this all straightened out for you as efficiently as possible.

I just updated PreForm from 3.24.2 to 3.25.0 and installed the associated firmware update, and my screen looks just like what @Pixelbudah posted.

I think it’s just the LCD so I’m going to start a print, cross my fingers, and see how it goes.

Hello @alexhawker,

I’m sorry to hear that your display recently started having similar issues; after the next print, we would advise power-cycling the printer to see if the display goes back to normal. If not, then you can reseat the ribbon cable that connects the display by following this guide.

If the issue persists past that, we would advise opening a Support ticket so that we can troubleshoot further if needed. Please let us know if you have any questions!

It…got better?

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Hi @alexhawker ,

That is good to hear! We have seen this issue periodically and rebooting usually fixes the issue; however, if it starts to go back to the smeared look you saw before, this could mean the connection could be faulty (and reconnecting it could help) or the LCD itself is defective or burning out and would need to be replaced. You can reach out to our Support team to request replacement parts if needed.