Form 3 display blank after reboot

We’ve been having trouble with the touchscreen on our Form 3. The display is black with some grey lines, or at best a faded grey with some darker/lighter lines. see image below. It looks like there have been similar results posted here, but no solutions that I can find.


I just received my Form 3 and the screen is blank like this after powering on the first time. Any idea?

Done a Factory Reset?

Hi, did you ever get this resolved? I’m having the same issue with my brand new Form 3.

No. They offered me a refurbished unit to replace my “brand new” one, and I declined because the screen does turn on if I power cycle it multiple times. So until something breaks that I can’t fix on my own, I will stick with this one.

What do you mean by “power cycle?” Unplugging and plugging back in? I don’t believe there’s a power button.
I’ve tried this multiple times and still no luck.

Yes, unplug and plugging back in. It takes a random number of attempts for me. The only other thing you could try is to take the front panel off and try reseating the ZIF connector. Otherwise Formlabs may want to just send you a new one, which is a pain.

Yes, a huge pain. Thanks so much, Terry.