Blank LCD screen


We’ve recently got another form 3 however it will not power up correctly and the screen is blank.

I’ve tried to power cycle so many times and it has not worked.

Hitting the reset button lights up the formlabs logo on the front and then starts to flash after a minute or so.

Nothing else happens after this.

Ive tried plugging the ethernet in however preform can still not find it.

What can I do to get this printer working again?

I would recommend creating a Support case so that they can better document and address this issue. :wink:


I suggest raising a support request through formlabs, I had the same trouble, they gave me helpful videos etc. Then if it’s under warranty you can have a replacement LCD etc.

I didn’t get a full cure to the problem but if it didn’t work first time I did get it down to one restart as being all that was required. Hope this helps, apart from it was a great machine.
All the best Chris


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