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Form3 , touch screen show Formlabs logo

This is the second time I use the Form3 , after the first setup everything was perfect, and we did a successful test , and when turned the printer on now it shows the Formlabs logo only and we checked the resin tank and resin cartridge all was fixed correct, we turned the printer off then on and still the screen frozen showing formlabs logo only

I have the same issue with my Form 3 occasionally now, but it used to happen a lot, I think its a poor cable connection to the LCD in the Ribbons or on the LCD. All the Best Chris

Thank you for your reply Chris , did you fix the problem?

tci, good afternoon, no I didn’t fix the problem completely, I did a support request a long while ago now. They were extremely helpful and I went through the whole checking connections system, eventually it came down to Formlabs would have supplied a new LCD but the work involved in putting a new one in place left me daunted. So I put up with the occasional, Turn the machine off and on again if the LCD doesn’t come up with the Sliding bar straight away. I know in a few seconds if the LCD is not going to work, as the sliding bar doesn’t show. This is not proved, but my machine is a lot better in the summer when in a warmer climate (UK) and now in the colder months in a warmer room IE above 21 deg C.
All the best Chris