LED display blank

My Form 3 LED display is not turning on - I have tried to turn it off/on, and the display flashes once then disappears. However, the Formlabs icon is lit up so there is definitely power supplied to it.

Could anyone please help? Not sure what to do, and panicking a bit.

Hi kdevin,

I would create a support case with our support team and get a video of the behavior over so the team can provide you steps on resolving this issue after reviewing the video - do rest assured that you will get a solution to this issue from them.

A quick thing you can try is to try turning the printer off and on again a few times and see if the display stays on if you have not already.

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Hello, I have exactly the same problem. I have restarted the Form3 several times with no result.

@valin I’ve resolved the issue with Formlabs now but you should definitely raise a request with them too so they can help - can you hear motors running? If so, maybe you just need a replacement display/ ribbon cable, if not then you may end up needing to get the printer fixed


Agreed with the above, you should use our Support page to reach out so we can assist with your touchscreen.

I received a new touch screen in a few days and we have the printer working perfectly.
The replacement was very easy, fast and well documented.
Excellent technical support.
Thank you very much.