Major shipping damage

I bought my 1+ last week and was pretty excited that I will be receiving it today from Fedex. When I took the printer out of the box I hear something rattling. I peel off the plastic and corner protectors and seen a 1” crack on the front bottom of the cover. I took the resin tank out and saw the mirror sitting in the corner. That was what’s making the rattling sound. It seems like the mirror was just tapped in place with 2 thin double sided tape. When I called the sales rap he said it should be screwed on and he found it weird it was only double sided taped. The mirror is also cracked at the corner. I see a few shipping damage using search. Anyone else got theirs damage? or am i just unlucky?

Yeah the mirror is not usually screwed to the bracket. It doesn’t look like they forgot any screws at all. However I’ve not heard of anyone’s mirror just coming off the bracket like that. Even with the chip the mirror is probably fine. You probably want a new hood though.

I agree it is probably functional but i would definitely be sure to run tests to confirm that the smaller galvo mirrors did not get damaged hopefully FormLabs will fix this for you soon.

I’m sorry, Dan! That’s a bummer. Of course — our support team will take care of you. It sounds like you’re already in touch.This looks like more extreme than some shipping damage I’ve seen in the past — many thanks for sharing and we’ll get you on the road to recovery!

You don’t say where you are, but cold weather is bad for adhesives and plastics. If the printer sat on a cargo ramp for a while and was transported a long way in an unheated trailer, with the weather we’ve had of late, the effect of the cold is probably why it didn’t survive shipping/handling.

I still haven’t got a reply from Formlabs support on what to do yet. I really hope I can return this one and they send me a new one.

When I was talking to the sales rep on the phone I did mention about the cold and that’s when he said the mirror should be bolted on and not just taped on. I am at Mass and the temp has been below 10 for most of the days it was being shipped. When got the printer it was like a block of ice.

I don’t think it’s just the cold either. The printer was shifted to a corner inside the box, it just didn’t looked right. (the plastic film suspenders are pretty cool, I have never seen packing like that before) I believe both the cold and the Fedex’s mishandling of the package cracked the cover and dismounted the mirror.

Even so… I am still suprise the mirror was double sided tape on. The tape looks very flimsy for a 3 thousand dollar machine.

I am quite sure the mirror is not usually bolted on to it’s bracket. The bracket is usually bolted down to the bottom of the printer. However in order to bolt the mirror itself to the bracket would require holes in the mirror, and no mirror on any of my printers have had holes to bolt them down or any hardware visibly bolting them down. I assume the double sided tape is what is used in all Form 1+ printers to affix the mirror to the bracket. Unfortunately I don’t have my printer currently as it is in for repairs so I can’t check how it is done on it.

I’m sorry that you haven’t gotten a response yet, @Dan_Wil — you’ve caught us over the long holiday weekend, here. We’ll definitely take care of damage like that (on us). Hang tight in the weather!

I understand Sam, not sure if you are stationed at Somerville. If so lets hope tomorrow will be the last time we see snow this winter.

So I have been working with Roxanne, Formlabs support team. She was very helpful and over nighted me a new mirror. After installing the new mirror the printer have worked perfectly. I am very satisfied with the print quality. The Form 1+ is a 100 times better compare to my Makerbot 5th gen. I owned the 5th gen for over a year now and have nothing but problems, so far my Form 1 have been printing perfect parts every time.

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