Major Shipping Damage...Not Sure What to do Next

Okay so after a long and super confusing shipping debacle my form 3 arrived unannounced this morning. I brought it in and as I began unpacking my dream machine things started getting worse and worse.

It came half wrapped in a second cardboard box, which I thought nothing of until I removed it and found that the top half of the box, along with the foam, was shredded. With fingers crossed I removed the top layer of foam to find that the orange printer casing was completely shattered. I stop everything at that point and started looking for ways to fix this…

I reached out to formlab support and called any phone number I could find, but as of right now I am sitting here with no answers and an unusable printer. Is there anything else I could do at this point or is it just more of this waiting game? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Just wait for a response, obviously they’ll get you a replacement for shipping damage. You’ll probably have to wait for the next business day for a response.
That’s kind of pathetic for the shipper to do that though, trying to tape it up after smashing it.

They are closed until Monday.I am sure they will make it right.I would recommend not throwing any of the packaging away and not touching it any more. I had this happen with a telescope and had to take pictures of all the packaging and how it was delivered and I suspect the shipping company is going to need to take it back once Formlabs has filed a complaint.

That really sucks.I hope you get a replacement quickly

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