LPU crashing against the build plate - travel stops far left

Suddenly the LPU of my Form3 gets stuck at the left side and is hitting the edge of the build plate, resulting in complete blockage of the LPU (normally running from left to right) loud “bad” sounds and a print which is superimposed in one line at the far left of the resin tank. LPU travel per se is not altered, as initialization as well as printing the clean mesh work fine. There is a mechanical conflict between the left uppermost edge of the build plate and the LPU when starting to travel from left to right, because I can see the compression marks within the foil of the tank. Changing the tank as well as the build platform did not resolve the issue.

Hope anyone can give me a good advise. On a Form2 I would have dialed the Z-calibration, but as far as I am informed there is no such function on the Form3.


If you haven’t already, I’d suggest you power cycle the machine. It tests all it’s actuators and sensors at power up. That might re-set the Z-axis calibration, which on your machine is clearly not correct.

I’m guessing there’s a “limit switch” someplace on the Z-Axis that gives the printer an absolute reference point. If the problem doesn’t go away with a power cycle, it’d mean that reference point has moved. And because there’s no Z-Axis fine tune for the Form3, I’m guessing recalibrating for a shift in the reference point’s position isn’t something a user can do for themselves. :frowning:

Did this ever get resolved?