LPU not working (fiducial error, galvo errors)

We encountered a very bizarre print failure in which the entire job has shifted over to the right, with parts printed over the edge of the build area. Inspecting the resin tank found a piercing which I suspect may have been caused by the technician accidentally leaving a print failure in the resin tank.

I checked the LPU and everything appeared fine, but when I restarted the printer I was met by different errors regarding the LPU. One was about the fiducial center, which I forgot to copy down. The others were;

“Std of scaling fiducial too high: 7.220B. May have detected false peaks.”

“Could not execute lasers. Some streams had galvo errors.”

The printer’s firmware is fully up to date and rebooting and retrying the LPU wizard does not help.

UPDATE: After doing the exact same LPU wizard and reboot for like the 20th time it decided to work. I’m still not sure what the issue was or why the printing was so misaligned so any help would still be appreciated!

Hey @TTCombat!

Have you already gotten in touch with our services team? That would be my first recommendation!


Hi, yes I sent them a message too. Thanks!