Looking for good repair departament


We are looking for a good formlabs service in Europe. Due to the fact that the repair department in Poland could not cope with our printer and exposed us to the cost of “cleaning” and the purchase of a new resin and resin tank, which did not bring any effect, we are looking for a service abroad. We know that we should repair in our country, but after a month or twój after the unsuccessful service, a salesman of distributor called us to ask if we wanted to buy any consumables, he was informed about our problems. He promised us that someone from the repair department would contact us. It was about a year ago and we did not notice any contact attempts from the distributor and his repair department, so we are not very keen on further cooperation with this company in terms of service. In the meantime, we bought a device from another manufacturer, but now we have a lot of printing and we would like to run our formlabs. Before the failure, the printer worked perfectly. We apologize for this lengthy introduction but we had to explain why we are looking for a service outside of Poland.

Our formlabs2 does not harden the resin in some places. The problem concerns both supports and models. There are also caverns inside the models filled with uncured resin.
I suppose it will be necessary to replace the optics or the laser source, or someone just really needs to clean the optics.

The printer did not print intensively before the failure and that is why we would like to repair it to increase our production capacity.


We are the US corporation with site in Poland and have exactly the same problem i.e. there’s only one service provider for Formlabs printers in Poland which is not very skilled and rather causes more problems with printers than they had before servicing. We could theoretically send our Form 2 to the United States to the Formlabs itself but its not making much sense to send a printer form 2015 worth maybe 2000$, 9000km all the way accross the ocean to be serviced paying duties on the way. So I am upvoting this thread as we are looking for the service alternative for Poland also.