The formlabs comportment is very nooo good

I would like to express in this forum my disappointment for the comportment of the formlabs, I bought the printer from a local retailer in Rome. After a week from the purchase I managed to make only one print, after the printer broke down, it no heat the resin.It will take about 4 weeks for the repair. I would have expected the replacement of the printer instead I will have to settle for the repair and I will not even get the replacement of the tank worn by the continuous tests that we have done to understand the defect. A shame.

I’m sorry to hear this, I had two big problems in 6 months but quickly resolved with assistance (our fellow expat), I’m basically satisfied with the printer.

Hi Maurizio, wunwinglow from LSP here! @Maurizio_Amelotti Nice to hear your problems were dealt with quickly.

Hi Tim, surprised to hear you here, despite some problems I’m satisfied with the form2, for me excellent value for money, all the best!

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