Level print in middle of a job


In the last two prints, I have received a warning from the machine saying that leveling was wrong (by a lot) in middle of a print.

In the first case, it was in the last layer and cheating the machine leveling temporary by hand to the “right” level and pushing continue buttom worked.

But in the next print, I wasn’t so lucky and happen again. The printer in middle of the print, said it is completely unleveled and I can’t continue. I have tryied again to level temporary and try to continue but the error show again and again after each layer.

The printer of course is completely level.
I have submitted a ticket but meanwhile, someone knows if the level can be disabled by software?

Thank you!

Best Regards,

Hi Ricardo, I’m glad to hear you’ve contacted customer support—they can help you out here and get you up and running again.

I used to have this problem (once or twice). when I updated the firmware (I think 2.1.0!!??) it seemed to fix the issue.

Just check you have the latest firmware.

good luck.



Thank you both. :slight_smile:

Firmware was updated, Let see if next time it not happen again.


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