Bed levelling during print V2.3.1

So i seem to be one of the lucky ones that got firmware 2.3.1 to upload ok. Now my printer stopped during the print saying the bed is un level. I used to have this with a few firmware versions ago but it stopped on one of the updates, but now its back:(

I will raise a ticket and see what they say but it seems from my side its firmware related unless its a massive coincidence.

Also now with the new firmware the printer seems much louder, I did one print yesterday, all was fine. updated the firmware and now its noisier, anyone else noticed this?

Many thanks


Just a thought Will - have you checked that nothing is coming loose? that might account for the levelling error and the noise?

Had a look but nothing obvious. I think the noise thing may have been just me, my colleges can’t hear any difference!

It hasn’t happened in 40-50 prints since the last time with an old firmware version, then as soon as I did the update I had the problem again.

So between prints all I did was remove the build plate (remove print and clean etc). Update firmware. Printer didn’t move, same tank, same cartridge. nothing changed other than firmware.


My Form 2 is always asking to be levelled, even when it has not moved. It appears to be temperature related!! i.e. first thing in the morning if i start it up in the office just before the heating has come on it will ask to be re levelled although it has not moved, then when its warmer ( usually mid print ) it will stop and ask to be levelled and i will always undo all the changes to the levelling screws i performed first thing.

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