How to trigger leveling UI?

How can I trigger the leveling UI in the Form 2? It ran once when I first powered up the printer, but since then I’ve shifted it on the table and I suspect it may not be optimally leveled anymore. I’ve seen other posts that describe how a print job can pause if the printer goes out of level - I’d much rather know if the printer is nicely leveled before I start a print, rather than mid-print.

I’ve tried unplugging for nearly an hour, then plugged the printer back in to AC power while tilting the whole printer back by lifting the front of the printer a couple cm’s as it’s powering up - clearly not level, but the printer happily reports it’s ready to print!

I asked a similar question a while ago. Doesn’t appear to be a way. But if the printer is out of level when you start a print, it does pop up. Try shimming one corner way up so it’s definitely not level and it ought to kick in on the next print you start, after which you’ll have to re-level the printer to get the job to run.

Kind of (well, definitely) a hack, I know.

@Randy_Cohen, thanks - I tried your suggestion: I uploaded a print job (just a random object) with no resin cartridge or wiper installed and tried to start a print job with the printer deliberately tilted way off level. Fortunately the leveling issue was the first step in the print process, so the printer doesn’t have to be actually ready to print in order to trigger the leveling UI - if and only if the printer isn’t level before starting the leveling UI.

I concur that is totally a hack. I’m mystified why a critical operational parameter (printer level) is only available by interrupting the workflow. I suggest that whoever thought that was a good idea, try covering over the fuel gauge in their car while carrying a spare can of gas in their trunk.

I could swear it was an option in an earlier revision of printer FW.

There are quite a few minor changes FL could make to both PreForm and the printer UI that’d make a big difference in the workflow “human factors”. There’s a “Suggestion” subforum, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any suggestion actually implemented…

I still wonder why it has to be level anyway, the print process doesn’t really require it

@Zachary_Brackin, the printer must be level for the resin level sensor to correctly measure the level of resin, and also to keep the wiper from splashing resin out of the tank.

Hi there,

We’re listening! As of firmware 1.7, you can go to Settings -> Printer Leveling to check the level of your printer.

Thanks @Cody - you got me to go back and look again at the control panel on the printer. I finally discovered that it scrolls up and down! I know that sounds dumb, but in my defense the display doesn’t have any visual cues, like a scroll bar, down arrow, a line at the bottom with the word “more”, etc. If you’re still listening, you might point that out to your UI peeps.

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