Latest Firmware

Is the latest firmware version 1.2c? I ran the updater and wanted like to confirm this version number. I’m a little confused because the previous installed version was designated 1.22.

Thanks in advance for any helpful info.


Yep, the latest firmware is 1.2c. The firmware versioning is using a hexadecimal numbering scheme, so 1.2c is greater than 1.22. Good eyes!

Cool! Thanks for the fast reply. I figured there might be a technical reason for the numbering–just wanted to be sure for ‘peace of mind’. :slight_smile:


More to say. When you update firmware via Preform it says version 300. Which is 0x12c in hex.

I just upgraded my firmware and it came out  as 1.3.

now is 1.3e

Check way… Press button  2 seconds… then… You can find your firmware version and some informations.