2015 July: What is the up-to-date firmware?

Dear Formlab,
I have Formlab Preform 1.9.0 installed. My Form1+ Firmware is 1.4.0 before the following update firmware steps.( As of 17July2015.)

Under the Preform “Help” menu, I see the “Update Firmware” button is available to be clicked. I followed the instruction: http://formlabs.com/support/troubleshooting/preform-software-issues/
I ran the update firmware steps completely. After done, I check the updated firmware version by holding down the form1+ button for 3 seconds. It is still 1.4.0.

So, does that mean the most up to date firmware version if 1.4.0?
Should the “Update Firmware” button be “grey-out” (unclickable) if the current firmware is up-to-date?


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